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dark-alone [userpic]

Can't remember...

July 15th, 2007 (12:06 am)

mood: tired
music: Kagrra, - Sayounara

what i was gonna say here. XD

Got my package late friday afternoon. So that means on Monday, or so I can send out that 'thing' to soubi_no_kissu.  It also means that I'm in the process of scans selected pages out of 3 magazines. @_@
There's just so much Oofuri goodness! ^^ Also, like usual, Code Geass love as well. I nearly died over the goodies, and had to take a break for a bit before looking at the actual magazines. XD

Still fighting with my teeth. I have been eating ground beef and pork tho, so that's good.  But what I really miss is lettuce! I love salads!  I can eat spinach tho, but it's not the same as lettuce. 

Hiroyuki (aka music external HDD) is getting upgraded from a 160 GB to a 250 GB tomorrow, so that will be both fun, & great.

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