July 25th, 2007

sleepy ash

And we're back!

I was starting to go through LJ withdrawl. >.> *sweat drops*

ANime week for sure.
So there's Act 2 of Tokyo Majin on the 27th (Friday)
Baccano! starts on the 26th (Thursday)
And Code Geass on the 28th. ^^

Code Geass Stage 24 & 25 is my HP Book 7, thankyou.  After all just like HP 7, Code 24-25 promises character deaths, and honestly I care more about Code, then HP. DOn't get me wrong HP is great in it's own right, but on a scale.....

HP ---- FukuJun err I mean Code Geass

WINNER: Code Geass!!!!

Soap side note: Started sorta watching General Hospital again. I mean it's full of annoying characters that I wish would just die.... but there are a few I do enjoy watching. Like Logan (Josh Duhon), and then there's Jerry (re-cast) aka Mr. Craig, oh the joys! (Sebastian Roché) I can pretty much write off the rest of the cast, as annoying and useless. Except for maybe Alexis. XD  Daytime TV sucks. XD

PS: Dreamweaver crashed 9 times on me today. @_@
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