August 13th, 2007

sleepy ash


No, no pics.. yet.

I was just trying to explain to my mom how Dark's hair is.  We bought this purple long hair wig, which will clearly need to be cut, which she was aware of at the time. It's super long, but i figured the longer the better, ne? Anyways she kept saying to me, 'but over all it's the right length, right?' <-- this was after i said to her she'd have to cut it.  I was like, 'well no, but too long is okay.' Then she said almost the same thing, and I was like, 'hold on, i'll get one of the manga volumes.'  I come back out with volume 8, and then that 'omg face' came into play. XD  That's when I tried to explain to her that I'm aiming for hair a little bit different, hair like in a fanArt pic. So I had her come into my room and look at the fanArt pic.  She liked the hair in it much much better.

I mean I can't go with the wig as is, because, hello, looks like girl hair, i can't have girl hair! Dark's not a girl. (even though I am. XD )
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