August 27th, 2007

sleepy ash

... u.u'

Ack! Guren don't die on me until i get everything off of you!
sleepy ash

external HD dying Update

So Guren needs to be put down... or at least  a rescue mission is in process.  Had to pick up a new EHD, another 500GB to move all the stuff, which will take awhile to do.

New EHD is a 'My Book' It reminds me of an X-Box, since it's black with a green outline circle for the blinking part. XD <-- i don't know what to call that. I have yet to decide on what to name him.

Yocchin is happily working with the music still, and Hiroyuki got to be used again, as I dumped the manga from Guren on it before i left for work. But I do need a new name for 'My Book'.

And my god, i'm so disturbed (still) by that scene from Kemonozume.  I keep visualizing it in my head too. @_@ 'I... ate Knife.' and then he coughs up the finger and all. .. ack
sleepy ash

Akadot retail

Since I have money left over from FanExpo07 ....

I Ordered:
B's Log 09 September 2007 ($13.30)
G-Fantasy 08 August 2007 ($8.80)
Asuka 08 August 2007 ($6.70)
PASH! 09 September 2007 ($11.80)
Twilight of the Dark Master (GN) $3.00
Devil May Cry Novel Vol. 02 (Novel) $5.99

I would kill to get the DVD of Twilight of the Dark Master. I have the VHS version, and i do love the english dub, but wonder what the Japanese cast sounds like.

I love akadot retail! ^^