September 17th, 2007

sleepy ash

i.. kinda, sorta, feel really ill

but.. must .. go to.. work.. for 5 hrs...
my throats sorta sore... and i sorta 'mis spoke' on a forum. :/

wow.. i used to call it 'the forum'
yeah im bored with it now.
yeah im tired
i'm completely tired with it, but...
i continue with really no drive at all.

plus i'm cold! why is it so cold out?!

i still wonder, why now, did i get my super mod powers back? 3 months later 'here you go' *zap* 
I have even less time now. >.<
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sleepy ash

err... 8pm, is it?

Prison Break is back tonight!!!

So it begins. Another season of shows. Except Jericho, which will air at some point, but an unknown one, at this point. XD

Rumour mill:
James Marsters may return as Brainac on Smallville. He's interested at least, but apparently filming some kind of groupings of eps for a different show (but i can't remember the name of it! @_@''' )

Also apparently Shawn err-- Aaron Ashmoore (they are twins, so can't blame me for getting confused) will be on the title credits, and Chole and Martha (clarke's mom) off.

I have no rumours for PB. And I don't want to know/hear any!

House's season 4 premiers next Tuesday. Woot!
Smallville that same week.
And Supernatural Oct. 4th, i think.