September 23rd, 2007

sleepy ash

ta.. ta.. ta...

Yesterday was anime day, and empty wallet day too. XD

My 2nd vol of Shounen Onmyouji was in for me to pick up finally. Not only that but the 2nd vol of AIR TV too. <-- the with artbox version.
So 4 in that series. 1-3 seem to be the aired on TV series, and the 4th vol is the specials.

I will scan the art of Shounen Onmyouji vol 2. Seimei's on the cover that is visible, and Seiyruu is on the other side. Oh i do hope that Rikugou is on the cover of vol 3. ^^

D/led Saeka Uura - Juke Vox, not big on female singers too too much, but I love her voice. Sure it's mostly because of Kekkaishi, possible the only series where I don't skip over the OP to get to the show. XD

Also picked up the first novel in the other series for TB.

Also thinkin' that yoshinohiroyuki needs a new header.... >.>

Also typed up the lyrics for Solitary Serenade from Zombie Loan. I was so happy they included the lyrics in the booklet.

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sleepy ash

Uura Saeka

Uura Saeka - Juke Vox.rar
Media Fire

For any Kekkaishi fans on my Flist, or just the random ppl who find there way here.

Includes the Kekkaishi OP - Sha la la -Ayakashi NIGHT- & ED 3 - My Mirai

EDIT: ah yes, a couple Okiayu songs as per request on my site.
Shinkokyuu ~Dedicate to E~.mp3