October 11th, 2007

sleepy ash

how annoying

I get my editoralness back at dmoz.org, and then this other editor named: makrhod, but i'll call him dickhead from this point on. (I assume it's a guy, but the attutide makes me wonder if it's a girl) So Dickhead went through a bunch (not all of them though which is odd) and moved some to the 'inreviewed' section after i had just enter through them and put in the notes: "This appears to be the webmaster's hyped description, and needs rewriting to meet the editing guidelines:" & "Please describe the site in accordance with the editing guidelines, without repeating the title or using incorrect capitals. Thanks." (<-- that one was aimed at my Yocchin Community & also the Konitan community) & "Please describe the contents of the site without repeating the title, as per http://editors.dmoz.org/guidelines/describing.html#descriptions Thanks. :-)"

I swear to god if Dickhead tells me to do another stupid thing again, i'll kill something.

So tell me, how does one 'describe' a person without saying their name? I changed the titles of 2 communities so i could use their names in the decribe, since that makes complete sense.

But then i wonder why this one didn't get bumped too: "The Ishida Akira Community - A place for Ishida Akira fans to hang out, and interact with other fans."...This is why this person is a DICKHEAD.

So since i can't yell at him.... FUCK YOU.

And i was in a good mood too. :/
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