October 16th, 2007

sleepy ash

da da DA

uploaded this the other day, and completely forgot about it. XD
It's one of the many CDs that Clannad has.

Clannad Vocal Image Album Sorarado
6 tracks by riya

Trying to get all the currently available CDs now. There are a few. XD

Now to just track down Oofuri's OST....
sleepy ash

Kekkaishi returnths!

Kekkaishi as of today (the 16th of October) is 1 year old. \^o^/
Just watched ep 38 (with Chinese subs since it's often out before the raw >.< )
Collapse )

Watched Majin Tantei 3 today too. I wonder if anyone will sub this show? It's entertaining, but I would almost like to see a sub, for obvious reasons.  Plus Yocchin's in it! ^_^

Gundam 00 better pick up the pace, or add some bkgrd, or focus on the main 4 for a bit or something, not that i mind You-kyan's character being a focus of sorts tho. ^o^ But I'm not paying attention to what he is saying! LOL

Ugh hurt my wrist today at work, somehow. Back on topic...

I will post some babble about Clannad. I will. I will! I love it! Maybe it's because it's Key (AIR TV). Don't know about watching the movie, they have a different seiyuu playing the lead male (just like with AIR). But aside from You-kyan's Tomoya, there's Ryoutarou's Akio. He's interesting to watch. XD I can so see that character being an actor. (retired after Nagise got sick, i think)

ef - ugh dropping this one. Sorry Hiro! But I cannot take it anymore! Plus it was confusing, and I don't like the split focus.

oh Rescue Me's almost on, so I've gotta watch that. Plus damn the baseball playoffs messing with my Fox tv viewage, aka no Prison Break or House this week.

abs - yay! their first album is out now!

Also i have a parcel to pick up tomorrow at the post office. 1 of 3 i'm expecting. I hope it's the one from yes-asia, i really want to rip that single.