October 21st, 2007

sleepy ash

ugh, yes i'm still here.

3 days w/o a useless or useful post. Also forgot/never found the time to, post my pink reminder about addresses for X-Mas cards.

Random requests from here and there for random music uploads so...

s-CRY-ed OST I & II


On thursday night it was super windy outside, and I still have my AC in the window with a piece of plexiglass for the spacer taped in. Also to note, i'm on the 8th floor... So the entire night i got maybe 30 mins of sleep, but still got myself to go to work.

Last night around 2am I put in an order for a couple more 'sharp objects' from swordsswords.com
Shipping is a bitch ain't it? Well anyways I ordered the following:

Red & Black Dragon Katana

(Qty: 1 x $14.99)

Ninja Scimitar Full Tang Sword

(Qty: 1 x $12.99)



Subtotal: $27.98

S&H: $22.06 (gawd) <-- was gonna get just one sword but the shipping was going to be more then the sword. @_@

Final Total: $50.04 <-- USD, so a bit cheaper for me with the CAD being so high



Also I would like to make another yesasia order, and a magazine order from akadotretail at some point soon.


But first I have a pumpkin waiting to be craved, in an untrained it's been at least 10 years kind of way. :s

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