October 22nd, 2007

sleepy ash

everything comes in 3s, eh?

So today at work... actually before 8am, cuz i get there early and I have to pull these 2 big 4 tier blue metal carts out of my stock room before i can do anything. So anyways I manage to get the first one out without running over an object along the way, but... when i was getting the 2nd one out... SQUISH!!! Thoughts: 'huh? ow my hand' Out loud: "Ow, that hurt." I had managed to crush my left hand which was holding onto the blue cart as i was pulling it out, in between it and the one metal shelf that sticks out further than the ones back further. At first it was just numb, i tried to wash it under the tap but the water doesn't get real cold. I had told Mary Anne, the marketer in my area about it, and we went on a serach to get some ice, and found a frozen water bottle. A little bit later I ran into a fixture with my leg. -_-

So that's 1 & 2

Time: 12:15pm (just 45 more mins til home time)
I was taking the flat cart, my garbage, and stuff that wasn't mine over to the freight elevator... now this happens all the time to me, as i pull the cart along behind me, it'll hit the back of my foot, and knock the shoe off. SO it did that like 4 times, and then it got my actually back of my foot/leg. @_@ made it bleed too, right through my sock.

So now my right heel, & left hand hurt, lots.
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