October 28th, 2007

sleepy ash


Started not 1, not 2, but 3 contests today on animeost.net
So if you're a member, feel free to join in.
there's a wallpaper contest, an icontest,  & a signature contest.

Being random I decided to go with a word association theme for the signature one.
Posted the word: 'EGGPLANT' and in the colour purple.


Then a bit of space, then stated now use what thing just popped into your head.
Not too hard, right?
WRONG. Got this jackass on the forum who always questions every little thing about all the contest I post, and on top of that whines about everything. First thing to come out of him is: 'now how can I not use fanart?' (I'm fully against use of stolen fanart, btw)
So i post an example..

"Now this could go one of two ways for you all.
1) Saw the word 'eggplant' and thought of a word like: 'vegetable'<-- great start
2) Saw the colour purple, and now all you're thinking about is purple things. <-- good start
But if you're like me... (below is an example of what is not expected, but it's okay as well XD)
and since i did this... here is my thought pattern...
Word: Eggplant, big font size, colour...? um... purple...
Since Eggplants are Purple... purple? Kekkaishi.
So yeah, my association is Kekkaishi."

it's word association, it doesn't need to make sense, but...

"Kekkaishi? That's quite a stretch...
BTW does this have to be anime? I have this weird urge to make a sig full of eggplants."

Jackass, completely missing the point.

and the wallpaper contest, Jackass isn't happy with it either. Endless bitching again. Just use a damn screencap, you idiot!  He most likely won't enter it anyway. the ass.

hasn't seen the icontest yet.

knowing how many are searching endlessly for a audio of I.V. by X-Japan, I have yet another bad/crappy version of it to add to the pile. This was ripped from the vid on this site. So yeah... the sound's not the best, with beeps from the person's camera but better then nothing right? So here's the best i can do... MediaFire (i hate this site)