November 10th, 2007

sleepy ash

oh my...

Just caught the end of a J-Movie called Quill.... damn it was sad.

The plot: "An empathic Labrador puppy is trained as a seeing eye dog, and matched with a lonely middle aged blind man who wants nothing to do with him."
Stars: Kobayashi Kaoru, Shiina Kippei

Now upon seeing this and it being Japanese and with Subs (thank you, if even they may not have been the best) and maybe only seeing 30mins of it... boy it was good. ANd the dog was so adorable, but the guy who 'owns'? Quill I was looking at him and thinking... huh? that guy looks like... *glances at the 2 names listed again* Kippei.. Kippei? Shinobi's Kippei? It was. lol

Not sure what it is, but I cannot see a J-Movie with at least knowing one person from another J-Movie. XD Apparently the one who played Kagerou in Shinobi, Kurotani Tomoka, was also in it. Go figure. ^_^

Also I just checked TMN's schedule and it's gona be one MFest again on the 24th @11:15am & the 28th @ 9:45am. Maybe i'll tape it on the saturday then.