November 22nd, 2007

sleepy ash

some days i post too much


The last Canadian music store company will close all its 72 stores by the end of Jan 2008. :/
It's a sad sad day indeed.
This will leave us with HMV. Not that I don't like HMV, I do, but it's pricey. There's Sunrise too, although no one seems to acknowledge it's exisitence for what ever reason.

So first we lost 'Sam the record Man' (last store, the one in downtown Toronto recently closed) and now Music World will leave us. But comparing their prices to Walmart's is crap. Wal-mart does not have cheap CDs. And only an idiot would think otherwise. But we do have a lot of idiots.

Now for a Customer Stupidity Story.
I just got back from break and put my purse in my locker. I leave the coat room and start toward my stock room, when this woman stops me. (she's with her husband). "How much is this?" she asks. I look and it doesn't say. So I say: "There's a price checker." (you know those things on the wall where you the customer can go and check a price). So she says: "Could you?" At this point i'm completely annoyed. I take the damn duvet or whatever it is, start off towards the thing, throw my water bottle toward the stock room, cuz the duvet was heavy and awkward to carry with it in my hand too. AS i'm walking quickly over to the damn thing to price it and return to the idiots, I hear: "Where'd she go?"  Those retards were following me! SO like what the fuck? What the hell was the point of me checking the price if they were gonna come with me?! Stupid fucking morons. The price was $59.99 (which is cheap for The Bay). I tell them the price, and the guy goes "$59?" Like it's a huge amount of money. Go shop at wal-mart then you idiot!  I later had a battle with the shelves in the stock room and the shelf won. >.>
sleepy ash

not fair

I get to work not only on Saturday from 11am - 5pm, but also Sunday from 12 - 5 >.<
There goes my weekend.

Also there's a package for me at the post office.
sorta hoping it's the yesAsia one. >.>
you&#39;re kidding


I was gonna post something, but I can't remember what it was.

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