December 4th, 2007

sleepy ash

Christmas Party

This friday is... i think i need to put my glasses on... anyways this Friday is my semi-work X-mas party. I say 'semi' because it's just the Early Morning People, not the the sales associates too. That one is in January.  There will be 25 or more of us there. It's a bar/restaurant thingy, about 20mins in good weather from here, called: Tiger Jacks. I've never been there, but apparently it's nice. Plus there's a dance floor... <-- which normally would mean nothing, but i expect to be drinking so... yeah. lol
Also alcohol + me = talkative. Talkative like super super talkative. @_@ Oh well it's more fun that way anyway. Also mainly females too. >.> oh noes! Our males are: Kamal (i know that's spelled wrong), Hezron, & Baha. Kamal is bringing a friend.  Some are bringing their husbands/others.  Suseela  will appear around 8, Kamal around 9. And most of us will be there at 6pm, for eating... >.>  I'm debating skipping the food part, and coming around 7-7:30... dunno. Also i need to buy something for $10, for the secret santa thing. I figure wine will be good.

Did i mention Baha is kinda sorta rather cute? I love his name... Plus I can spell it. And say it. Took me 2 weeks or more to say Hezron right. @_@ At one point I was just calling him Athrun. XD It sorta sounds the same.

Okies it's bedtime for me. Cuz i have work tomorrow, weather pending.
Still fighting off this cold. Took some NyQuil.
sleepy ash

it's snowing...

I have successfully  placed on the christmas tree: a cell charm, and 3 keychains. Hurray!
And our lucky boys are....
The cell charm - Yoshimori! (He's really close to the top. ^^)
Keychains: Byakura, Ed, & Roy. (Placement: i cannot remember, just Yoshimori, cuz he's most important. ^^)

The Chirstmas Party.... Kim's coming... who the hell invited her?
The fun meter went from an 8 to 0 :/
Kim's our manager, so boo to that. Maybe they'll eat and run as it were.

Someone on anime london's forum was asking about good Larku Albums, and I replied that Awake & Smile were popular, and I don't think I'm wrong either. ^^

Rewatched, in a skip over the slow/boring/non-Zed parts kind of way, Kiba within 2 or 3 days.  cried at things I didn't cry about the last time or first time I had seen it. >.> Weird.

Must, I repeat, I MUST get Newtype USA this month. Why? WHY? WHY?!  Because, because, because! BECAUSE of the centerfold! Who cares about the centerfold, since it's usually always girls? Well not this month. This month it's my boys from Tokyo Majin! Yes, MY BOYS! My Kyouichi & Tatsuma! *drools* I... must... get...

Also sent 3 cards/things out. So the international x-mas cards are on their ways. Just have to do up Canada & US cards now.

PS: my cute co-worker is leaving! u.u
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