January 22nd, 2008

sleepy ash


okay that was enough of that. XD
I had joined a soap com for General Hospital a bit ago, and oh man are soap fans the bitchest ppl ever!
So much hate. Had to drop that com it was sorta sickening.
Lots of: 'I hate _____' and 'what's up with _________?'
Just for the record i like: Sam (<--girl), Alexis, Kate, Jerry, Logan, Felicia.... um....  i loved Georgie but they killed her. >.<
Everyone else I care not for. >.>

Got lots today.
took almost an hour to get to work.
Had a 50 car pile up on the 401 around  Woodstock, and around thing around someplace starting with 'D'. So both East & West  of London were closed, as both the North & South bound lane in those 2 areas were blocked. Maybe still are. And they said we would get 2 -4 cm... liars.
Wingham got tons more, of course. Guess that means Megan & Kori have gotten 2 days in a row off. XD (my little cousins)

In other news, not that i'm a fan but, Heath Ledger died. First the headline was: "Heath Ledger was found dead in his bed with sleeping pills beside him" Now it's "Heath Ledger was found dead in his bed NAKED with sleeping pills beside him" <--WTF? and for god's sake leave his grieving family alone! Stupid press bastards.

Had to post on a tuesday.