February 9th, 2008

sleepy ash

Anime North

To go, or not to go... that is my delema.
I kinda sorta wanna go, but i don't want to go alone.
however i don't physically (like ppl i've met in real life) know anyone going.
with that being said, people on animelondon's forum are going. One's from stratford, and he's going with 5 other people and they are getting 2 rooms at a nearby hotel. Right now it's 3 people per room, but they could get 4 into each room. $55 dollars for 2 nights, Friday & Saturday..
Per order weekend passes are $45, the bus rider there unknown at this point. I'd love to go. I want to go.

But i don't know. It's a big event. And i'd love to go at least once. Just to see, you know?