February 10th, 2008

sleepy ash

Damn it's cold!

said icon. depresso Miyokichi makes me sad.

that aside... Kamen Rider Kiva's OP..... my gawd! why do i have to until the end of march for the full version?!?!
Break the Chain by Tourbillon <-- Tourbillon is luv... or just an extension of my obsession with Luna Sea....
And people say it's not catchy! How could his voice not be? err--- well it's not catchy... but the song is lovely, sure it's no AAA, cuz AAA is like a boy band with at least one girl, and Tourbillon is a, you know, ROCK BAND.  Also the series is about vampire-like creatures, so darker.

It's frickin' freezing in my room! So like 5 x colder outside!
*checks weather page*
*almost chokes on pizza*
-15c.... BUT with the windchill, and there is a bloody strong wind... -28c Well thank you for freezing me!
I should re-add my Zed minus his jacket to my user pics again. *shivers*

edit: Monday.... -31c!