February 16th, 2008


Seiyuu communities pimp post; Act 1

Think of this as my tryout post before posting on seiyuu; singing_seiyuu; and where ever else i can think of later. Also if any of you on my precious F-list would like to pimp there, as well go ahead. ^__^

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You may use the above images to pimp the communities, if you wish to. ^^

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my tactics boxset is precious

anyways one disc one is an extra that came on vol 2 of the Japanese release. Which was released around Valentine's Day. So the talk with Sakurai & Miyata revolved around v-day and chocolates, which somehow ended up covering anything sweet. And even whipped cream. Sakurai doesn't like it. He can stand a little bit of it though. He says he just grins and bears it. XD Poor guy.

Miyata says he like to eat sweet things early in the morning.!  Sakurai commented about how slim he is though. XD Miyata also said how he prefers Eastern candy over Western. They both agreed that Eastern isn't as sweet.

The boys talked so fast though, so i couldn't keep up with the subs.
They each shared a v-day memory. Both weren't to pleasent. lol
Sakurai's was from elementarey school, when he wasn't too sure what v-day was. The girls were talking about handing out heart shaped cards and chocolates. Then a girl went up and asked Sakurai, if he liked chocolates. Sakurai at that time didn't so he said: "i hate it." Then the next day (v-day) he walked in and there wasn't any chocolates on his desk, but on everybody elses! Aww poor boy! He was saying that at least they could have gave him a small amount.

i'll have to watch it again, with the pause button under my finger. lol