February 19th, 2008

sleepy ash

mmmm Jun & Noe

Feel free to tell how completely wrong i am about this but...

Did anyone else pick up odd stuff from Jun towards Noe?
Like in episode 4 when Noe's talking about how Shinichiro said she had a goofy face, and Jun's doing up her helmet, but he stops and then starts to move his hand to touch her face, but stops and quickly does up the helmet?

Maybe it's just me. ....

of course in episode 6 is does a similar thing to Hiromi, only he actually touches her....

*has a wrapped mind*

now to sleep and then to work.
sleepy ash

oh thank gawd

I thought i was just seeing things. XD

" It is hinted that he might have more feelings for Noe than just a normal sibling's relationship." - from wiki
Yay! I'm not alone in my thoughts on this topic!

Not that i should feel comfortable about this though, and i don't.... >>
Not into the sibling thing at all. But i like both characters, just not together as a couple.

See other post.

Just got a better resolution for raw 1-6 of True Tears, so that makes me happy. ^^ The 1280 x 720 ones.
Instead of the 704 x 396 ones...
The mkv ones don't play smoothly enough on my computer so i can't get the 1920 x 1080 ones. :/