March 15th, 2008

sleepy ash

Holy fuck

Left my 2nd community. First one was a hate filled soap one, this one was the escaflowne one.
Good god. Not expecting that at all.
We decided to rewatch Escaflowne, 1 ep per week, right? So I watched ep 1 a few hours ago,  half in English / half in Japanese, but it was after 10pm, so i was getting sleepy and almost fell asleep a few times, and i posted that as my disscussion, but also that i noticed on the credits that it was done by SUNRISE. And with the whole Gundam 00 thing happening right now, how much hate we were having towards them, and they just jumped on me, like I'd said something completely wrong.  I've never felt like i was 'under fire' on LJ before now, not something i want to experince again, and maybe I walked into it, myself, by hell, not what i want. Not at all. So I dropped the community. ^__^