March 21st, 2008

sleepy ash

That's all folks.

I told you I'd be posting today, just thought it would be about tripping over the trash can in my room... but it's not.

CBS has once again CANCELED Jericho. Meaning March 25th's episode will be its last.
I suppose as a Jericho fan we should just be happy they gave us our 7 more episodes in exchange for the 2 tonnes of peanut that were send to them in protest of the original cancellation, however it still doesn't seem fair or right.

So that leaves me with 3 shows again: Prison Break (13 episodes is a cop out FOX), Supernatural, and 'on  & off' Smallville. (can't stand most of the characters like: clark, choe, Lois, NuLana <-- i still think she's a clone)

RIP Jericho