April 4th, 2008

sleepy ash

so i got this notion...

to grab the lyrics from Sweeney Todd, so you know, I could sing along with it, and stuffs, cuz that's what I do. Or at least I did that with Rocky Horror Picture Show, after I first saw it.  Anyways, i THOUGHT it wouldn't be to hard to find said lyrics. I searched for '"Sweeney Todd movie lyrics"  cuz i know there was/is a theatre version.  But even with 'movie' in there, i mostly just kept coming up with the original lyrics, which i didn't want, so a simple Copy & Paste job turned into a 1.5 hr one because I was copying lyrics and then editing them by listening to the tracks... very loudly so I could hear the spoken words more clearly, cuz quite frankly they mumble something awful, Johnny's good a mumbling too I might add. Love him though. ^^ One 'movie' lyric site even had a picture of Tim Burton's movie OST, but the lyrics were for the theatre version. >.< x

So now, i think that's done BUT... it's 33 pages. XD
I'm not gonna print 33 pages! I failed completely. -_-

Helena's songs, those speedy ones... the ones you can't breathe while singing, I didn't really check word for word, cuz they're far to fast. And i know she had problems singing them, but she did an excellent job. Cause for some odd reason we do NEED to breathe.

When will she stop posting about Sweeney Todd? Who knows.... not I. I love it, that much. ^___^

EDIT: got it down to 26 pages, but that is still too many. XD
sleepy ash

I was watching the 2nd disc

of my Sweeney Todd 'DVD' and there was a 'Moviefone Unscripted With Tim Burton & Johnny Depp' featurette.... which was interesting of course, but there was this one question from a fan about what the weirdest request from a fan was, or the weirdest interaction. Johnny of course metentioned the: 'a person comes up to you asks if you are you' event. Person: are you johnny depp? Johnny: yes, I am. Person: No, you're not. and so on and so on. But then Tim was like, didn't you have someone from another country ask you an odd question? Johnny starts grinning... Tries to say it w/o laughing.... that yes, a journalist did ask him if HE BELIEVED IN GOATS. XD

Tim: Do you believe in goats?
Johnny: Yes. Yes, I do believe in goats.

So now everytime someone's talking about GHOSTS I keep thinking about that. LOL

It's an addiction, please forgive me for spamming your f-lists with Sweeney Todd stuffs.
sleepy ash


yes really, a post about anime. go figure.

Watched Amatsuki ep 1 RAW just now.... I'll need to see this one with subs. Yusa-Yusa talked... A LOT. and then i got more confused by the events that happened later. FukuJun's character could go either way for me right now.

So for fun a few images.

Tokidoki Rikugou = FukuJun; Kon Shinonome = Yusa Yusa; Kuchiha = Paku Romi

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As of this moment... I'll keep this series.
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