April 9th, 2008

sleepy ash

Whether it's RAW or English....

I think i like Totally Captivated a little too much, but--

It is so damn good!

that's really all i wanted to say...

oh, accident prone me at work:

*opens a freakin' heavy ass box with 4 small cast iron cassole dishes inside. Flips the box over on top of another box to dump out the items*
wait for it....
*lifts up the box as the 4 items slide out* ONLY the box that was under it wasn't quite big enough and 2 of the 4 boxes fell out and hit my leg, and then made this super loud thud on the ground. -_- Not only is cast iron heavy it also hurts like HELL when it falls on you. At least i moved the one box that was over where they fell, since it had glasses in it, or there would have been a super mess. Wonder if my leg will hurt like Hell tomorrow?

hmm tomorrow... it's Bay Days kick off, so we get coffee/juice & donuts @ 8:45am, so i'll be working for 15 mins, before taking a coffee break, as it were. Hamilton Beach 'set n' forget' Slow cooker, either this week, or next is only $39.98, of course we are selling them really good already at the regular price of $69.98
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