April 11th, 2008

sleepy ash

failed to be

lol i didn't post on my birthday. XD

Thanks to all those who did manage to post Birthday wishes for me though. ^^

maybe i'll post again later (it's early friday here)

Macross Frontier is made of so much win, i just don't know what that is yet. You know, other then You-kyan being in it.
(also of note, Konitan. Please don't kill him!)
sleepy ash


I made a magazine purchase, first one in awhile.

Prince Animage Visual Selection 05 May 2008
Irakore: Animedia For Girls llustration Collection
Gundam SEED Photo Collection Athrun - Decision - (because it was $4.99 ^^)
Asuka 04 April 2008
LOVELESS Vol. 08 Limited
Gundam 00 (Manga)

I really like the Prince Animage November (i think) that i have. So lovely. And the Animedia one could also be fun.

So expect to see scans, at some point. ^^

I didn't wake up til 7:30, i'm proud of myself. ^___^