April 18th, 2008

sleepy ash

Perfect! my yes asia order has been shipped!

i think i posted about it already but just in case....

Ordered the Kiba Character Guide/fanbook thing, because even though the fanbase seems lacking, I loved that show. Still shocked that it has been licensed. Link.
Also the PVC (i think that's what it's called) Lelouch figure. ^^  Link.

So should most likely arrive next week, they are pretty fast at delivering that kind of thing. By 'they' i mean Canada Post. I swear they are the slowest most useless people ever.
sleepy ash

Akadot order update

UPS showed up today around 10:15 am, and i made it a must to be awake by 8am, cuz you never know when they will show up.

Customs: $34    x_o


about said goods...

LOVELESS Vol. 08 Limited - why not just wait for it to be released in English, like I did for 1 - 7? not sure. Guess I wanted to get a limited edition just for fun.

Gundam 00 (Manga)  vol 1, i believe it is telling me. XD - Comes with a Setsuna/Exia Card. ^^ (surprise)

Asuka 04 April 2008 - as you all know D.N. Angel has made a comeback and this issue included an D.N. Angel Illustrations booklet, which is ever so pretty (yes i plan on scanning it, if VISTA lets me... don't ask) & a Momogumi Senki Plus shitajiki (looks like something i'd read, if i could read kanji, of course)

Gundam SEED Photo Collection Athrun - Decision - (because it was $4.99 ^^)  - insert: A gaint ass, beautiful Athrun Poster (double sided but Cagali is coupled with him on that side. :/ and i never liked them as a couple)

Prince Animage Visual Selection 05 May 2008 - inserts: Yuri & Wolfram shitajiki & Sararegi & Yuri poster.

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Irakore: Animedia For Girls llustration Collection - inserts (it's all about KKM it seems): giant ass group poster & a Boy's Gallery booklet.

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So... yeah i've got some scanning to do....