April 24th, 2008

sleepy ash

Did you know...

That the name: 'Lily' isn't in my name book? Why? Because it isn't actually the girls full name, i'm such an idiot. lol
Liliana or Lillian, gotchya....

anyways picked up this specific book, since it at least had some Japanese names in it. So Tera is cute. ^^ lol

still feeling completely off, but still gotta go to work. I've got a boss who doesn't care if you are in the hospital, she'll still think you're faking it.
sleepy ash

I got it I got it I got it!

i love Karen in her towel....

but on to the point.... I got my precious YesAsia order today. ^___^

I now have in my possession.... the KIBA Offical Fanbook. so yays to now owning 2 fandom merch for that series. Wish I could find more.

And... drum roll, please....

The figma Lelouch action figure.

mom: 'I thought it'd be bigger.'
me: .... why?
-end of conversation-

I mean he's got 3 faces, 9 hands, Arthur (the cat), his Zero Helmet, of which i've only mastered getting it on Arthur's body so far, and a stand.
Yes he is shorter than my Final Fantasy action figures, but who cares? Not I.

So very very very precious. I mean sure the peices are small, and the stab you when you try to change them but..... i don't care! lol