May 10th, 2008

sleepy ash


I have a DVD empire....

I picked up Tokyo Majin vol 2 w/ artbox, BBB vol 2, Monochrome Factor vol 2 (manga), and an EXIA figure, so that Kyrios won't be lonely anymore, yesterday from Neo Tokyo.

Today I set out on the search to figure out which album of Seether's that Rise Above This was on. Found it, d/led it. Yes that's right I d/led it, but wait it gets better. Then looked at futureshop to see how much it was, $16.99, but then decided to look at, but figured it would be the same price like it usually is, but it was only $11.99. Also looked up Jericho while i was on the site, and it was listed as $37.99, which is in fact lots cheaper than $59.99 that i keep seeing it as. So i go there and look and look and see no sign of Jericho in te TV Shows section, and then turn around and my mom's missing. So i look for her, and find her at another section where there are also TV Show boxsets, and she has Jericho in her hands. *pounce* ^___^ And then i look around that wall and find such cheap ass prices. @_@

Supernatural season 1 - $29.99
Supernatural Season 2 - $29.99

me: *nosebleed*

So i ended up buying: Jericho season 1, supernatural season 1 & 2, and Seether - Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.