May 22nd, 2008

sleepy ash


Had another fucked up dream/nightmare. I don't remember much about it, but it was so random, and the stuff in it, like the events and people were weird and random, I think there was some tripped out ghosts at some point but they didn't have anything to do with the main 'thread' but they were also not pleasent, oh and did i mention Jensen Ackles was in my dream too?  It was weird.... Wish i could remember more about it. If i hadn't been feeling sick at the time I meant have jotted down a few key notes about it but... well... It was weird though, because most of my dreams/mares are about people i've met, and family, but i don't remember any one appearing in this one.

A couple weeks ago I had a dream/mare and jotted down a few steps/scenes. Like a lot of notes actually. I'm just looking at it now. I was gonna type it out, but i've changed my mind. lol Lelouch was in it though. It was set up like a computer Role playing game and with an interface and everything. But the dream would be 'the game' and then went to a weird apartment where my dad, me, jan, gord, david, and pat were with odd happenings. and then back to the  'game' and I think I was Lelouch. XD Completely fucked up nonetheless.

sekitx2, i got the vk board in the mail today. ^^

sleepy ash

ah my brain

I just remembered, I picked up Tokio Hotel's Scream Album today. My favourite song is 'Don't Jump'
Tokio Hotel is a German band, and this is their first Album in English, so props to them.
Cheap CD, only $9.99 @ Sunrise, and also HMV
*puts wrist brace back on*
Man this really sucks, but at least it helps with the pain. Also limits the movement of my wrist. Also comfortable to sleep wearing.

Anyways here's Don't Jump - MegaUpload
Lead singer was born in 1989. ^^