July 9th, 2008

sleepy ash

i've got these icons....

that are sad, and i want to use them all over, but then think ppl will think i'm sad. lol

anyways as posted on Sou-chan's LJ....

Today.. actually Yesterday I watch (i know it's not on topic) L ~change the worLd~ it was so good. Worth the sore butt after the 2hrs 8mins. Completely. DVD sound is annoying in so many ways though.

okay back OnTopic
Natsume Yujin Cho - um.... okay what's with the weird animation styles suddenly? I.G.... i hit you with a stick. But i'll watch at least one more ep. Hoping for a sub.

World Destruction - Again with the weirdness I.G. *hits* Yocchin's character i don't think will appear until ep 3, sadly. But I plan on keeping this one. Main leads are: Sakamoto Maaya & Miyano Mamoru. Can anyone say Ouran? Except throw in some animal ppl, and crazy cats, and a bear thing.... >.>'' I think i sub will be in order here too.

So yeah... WATCHED it finally! ^___^ And it was so good, like i had hoped. I still have an army looking high and low for the OST. If you've seen Death Note, & Death Note 2: The Last Name, you should also watch this one, L ~change the worLd~ unless, you know, you don't like L, then i suppose you should skip it. BUT if you've seen Ju-On, you may notice a couple actors. Not 100% sure on this, just going by face and voice recognization:   Tanaka
Yoji (taxi driver if i remember correctly), and (this one i KNOW)  who played Izumi's father. and the other one is: Yatsu Isao, who played the old man in the wheel chair who was playing peek-a-boo with Toshio.... was a guard at the gate where they went to use a lab. >.> And no, i can no longer look the same way at 'peek-a-boo' thanks to Ju-on. -_-

Natsume is weird.... umm... doesn't the cat have 2 people voicing him? I mean I know one is InoueKazu, but the other sounds more like the person who played Seimei (old) in S.Onmyouji. XD And yet another Kamiya anime... Horie Kazuma and Ishia Akira are also supposed to be in it at some point. Lots of talk. need Sub. Plus the 'Lucky Cat' version of the... um.. cat, i don't like much. :/

World Destruction - I never heard anything about any animal people! Was looking at Mamo-chan's character with confusion, until an event happened.

At least Fujiwara Keiji  isn't in either of these. Since apparently he's in almost everything right now. >.> Not that i don't like him, but like wth is going on? lol
sleepy ash

I Did! I did! Yes I did. ^__^

um... okay than....

During my 15 min break at workm I jetted on over to Cinema 1 (store that sells Movies. XD ) which is right across from the food court, anyways headed on in because i had decided that having volume 1 of Guren-Lagann, which contains eps 1 - 9 on discs would be great because I only want 1 - 8 anyway. So I went in and over to the anime section and I was so happy cuz they had it. I picked up t6he last copy of the Speical Edition that comes with a CD, and it was on sale so even cheaper then what i was expecting to pay by what it said online. ^^ $31.99 (w taxes: 36.15) That's not too bad. ^^
Now to get something to eat.