July 15th, 2008

sleepy ash

Character bios

You know the thing I hate most about working on my site, is the character bios. I mean sure the graphics required for each character is annoying and time eating but, actually typing up my opinions and views of a character takes so much time that i usually end up doing a great super long ass job on 1 of them and nothing for the rest. XD

Take for example the last series i added to my site, CG R2.... bio wise... just Karen. XD Pre-ep 6, too. it's long, it's not proof-read, nor is it spell checked. It's just raw and there, as are all my blurbs, only thing is, some character just get a "coming soon" and nothing more... ever. XD At least in some cases they have at least bio stats. R2 Karen doesn't even have a image yet. XD

but the site is sporting a new CG R2 - Karen x lelouch layout (ordered that way, karen x lelouch, because she is on the left....) all vectored.

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sleepy ash

Character bios Pt 2

I was busy working on Lelouch's and after rewatching eposdoe 1 (that's right just the first episode) I've got a scrolling nightmare. XD Well it's not that bad, but this is just 1 episode. But that is to be expected when it IS the main character.
Lelouch's R2 bio by me. lol

This is the gibberish stage. The quotes and quotes and babble. W/O spell check or re-reading. I'll do that later at some point.

Post office
Picked up the first part of my Yes Asia order. They tired to drop it off yesterday afternoon, but i was dead to the world. So i got it today. Pick-up voice #8 is GUNDAM 00 LOVE!!!!

mamo-chan's in it for his debut Single as well, so tons of pics of him. G00 features our 4 boys. Miki gets to sport this very pink sweater-like (if it isn't knitted, it looks knitted) shirt, with a green scarf.... and white pants. XD Ah but i love him anyway. And Yoochin with his big sunglasses... and YES he does take them off for a couple of PICS!!!

Also got the 3rd G00 character booklet thing, the one with Allelujah on the cover and-- and You-kyan is in it! So tons of G00 seiyuu love for me today. ^^

Scans scans scans

Scanning is annoying XD

Okay Pick-Up Voice 8 2008
Gundam 00

Now here's the deal. I scanned and resized for smaller less blurry, RARed them all and it came to just under 80MB. Uploaded the RAR to 2 different spots, and then decided to resize them even smaller just in case no one else is as insane as me. Should still be readable.

16 pages

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If anyone knows where i can get a necklace like Mamo-chan's tell me.

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Credit me if used.
Feel free to make icons or whatever out of these. ^^