July 22nd, 2008

sleepy ash

Woah... excuse me?

"In another departure for HBC, he intends to separate the marketing and merchandising functions at the chains. Different executives will now be responsible for building the chains' brands and picking the right products to be displayed in the stores."
This--? What does THIS mean? I mean...

"shifted to more high-end labels, dropped older fashion brands such as Liz Claiborne and added hot names such as Coach."
I wouldn't be sad to see "her" go. XD

article source: theglobeandmail

From HBC.ca:

"About Hudson’s Bay Company:

Hbc is Canada's largest diversified general merchandise retailer, operating The Bay --   a major department store, Zellers -- a mass merchandise format, Home Outfitters -- a kitchen, bed and bath specialty store, and value-priced Fields stores. With more than 580 retail outlets and nearly 60,000 associates in Canada, Hbc provides Canadians with stylish, quality merchandise at great value, through retail banners focused on exceptional customer service."

great value? Well clearly not talking about The Bay.

Mamo-chan no... no sheep counting this early in da morning! *skips the track*
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My C.C. has brown hair & my Lelouch Zero Version has a Suzaku stand but other than that... all is fine.

Wait? WHAT? Brown hair?!?!?  I'm sure there is a logical explanation... I just don't happen to know it....

I hope the R2 i-dolls arrive more... normal....

EDIT: seems to be a "Special Colour ver." but really... i'd rather have her looking normal.... Why couldn't i get an ugly colourde Suzaku instead?