July 31st, 2008

sleepy ash

things come in... huh?

Work... 1 I had to ride the bus home.
But first the work.

As I was folding towels the grandma way aka placing them flat and folding at arm level because my shoulder is that bad, and my last button on my shirt fell off for no reason. I picked it up and went to the coat room to put it in my locker and look for a safety pin. Didn't find a pin, looked in stock room one, and didn't find one, and then headed over to the smaller stock room and managed to find one. On the walk back over to the main stock room I opened the pin, and pricked my thumb. -_- Managed to pin my shirt, and looked at the thumb, and thought best to go get a bandage, i mean i'm folding towels, blood and towels not a good combo. So I had to walk all the way over to the other side to the first aid room to get one, and then into the washroom to wash it first. Did I mention I was also having a awful migraine? I took an asprin for that, but it wasn't working and held off for another 1 hour and took a 2nd one. After break I managed to cut myself twice magically too, i might add. I mean I was folding more towels. How do you cut yourself doing that? o.O

I was done at 1pm, and the bus comes at 1:21, so I thought I'd look around the store a bit.... But I only did that til 5 after, which was a good thing, because the bus came at 9 after, and then left after those who were there all got on. I mean WTH? 1:21, not 1:09?!?! Sure would have sucked for anyone who came later for the Highbury bus. XD And it got full fast too.

But speaking of Buses.... a greyhound bus out west, like WHAT THE FUCK? Random nightmare from hell. This guy suddenly just started stabbing another passenger! The bus driver pulled over and everyone else got off, and a trucker stopped to help he had a crowbar and other object with he give to some of the passengers. Then the guy stood up and started walk up the aisle holding the victim's head!

~Globe & Mail Article~