August 16th, 2008

sleepy ash

2009 Calenders

Been checking yesasia and cdjapan a lot to see if the ones i'm aiming for appear. Don't wanna miss my chance to get them and all that.

Aiming for Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00 this year.  Should got the CG one last year, i so fail. XD

YesAsia has few up like: Gintama 2009 Calendar (Comic Edition), D. Gray-man 2009 (Comic Edition), Bleach (Comic), Hitman Reborn (Comic), One Piece (comic), etc, etc, etc...
sleepy ash

1440 x 900 & 1024 x 768

Yet another wallpaper in my oddly interesting resolution.....

okay i so failed at imitating Hallelujah there... but just think of him and it'll work out okay.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Yes, he is DAMN SEXY!!

disclaimer: feel free to edit it to work best for whatever resolution you may have.
red was used for effect and is in no way necessarily what you will see in the upcoming season, even though the vector used is of a scene in the upcoming season.
said vector was made by me, then inserted into a 1440 x 900 size new image, then the layer was duplicated, treated to a manicure, duplicated again and then got a blend applied to it.

Brushes used are by the ever so lovely and godsend angel: creamuts @ her brush journal:mutsie_brushes.
Use. Abuse. Just don't take the credit for this lovely wallpaper. Thank you kindly.