August 24th, 2008

sleepy ash

Helena Bonham Carter

What an awful tragedy.

The filming of the new Terminator movie (of which i could careless about, btw) has been halted so she can return home to Britian to comfort her family, and to grieve.

What happened is... well in a word: horrible.

Some of her family members were in South Africa on a Safari holiday, when the minibus they were travelling in spun out of control after a tire had burst, and it flipped over. (About a 6 hr drive from Johannesburg)

Her cousin: Fiona Bonham Carter (51) received a broken shoulder, her son Piers, just whiplash, however the others were not so lucky. Another son of Finoa's, Marcus Egerton-Warburton (14), her mother: Brenda (74), and stepfather Francis Kirkwood (75) all died. Finoa's sister-in-law, Kay Boardman (54) also died, in this horrible accident.

So if you are a fan of the Terminator movies, and didn't/don't understand why they halted the filming, this is why. And i suggest you keep your self-centred asshatery to yourselves.

Google it.

And while i'm at it... Don S. Davis best know for his role as General Hammond on Stargate: SG1/Atlantis passed away on June 29th, at age 65.  He was also in the last Stargate: SG1 movie.
sleepy ash

Vectoring & Icons - Macross F

my geass... i just saw the scariest/creepiest CG icon ever... rather icon period ever....

10 icons

Alto Alto Alto
Brera Brera Brera Klan

Collapse )


Anyways I'm vectoring Michael from Macross F, and i bet you all know of which scene it is.... unless you are wait for Lunar to watch the sub... well no matter, i'm not posting it yet, cuz it's not done. But man it makes my eyes tired vectoring.

Read a spoiler for season 4 Supernatural ep 1... basically everything that happens in the first 5 mins of it. ^^