September 2nd, 2008

sleepy ash

PB aka I watched 2 hrs of tv last night

2 hrs is a lot for me, but it was Prison Break, so i'll survive it. Oddly a lot of the preimeres seem to be 2hrs... it's odd. Well at least PB, Bones and Heroes will be/were.

They delivered what they said they were gonna.... It's all really odd.. but whatever.

PS: no i don't want Bones or Heroes. Just for the record.

Also i saw a commerical for House as well... hmm should be interesting....

Smallville note... Oliver is back for at least the first ep, which may be the only reason i watch it. Why? well I only watched for Lex, and Lex is gone. Lana is gone. Karta is gone. Well Kara will be there for one ep to wrap up her story and then bai-bai. Lana will be back for about 5 eps... Lois isn't even supposed to be in that many... so i ask... wth?
sleepy ash

Nu 90210

um... yeah... i just watched the 2 hr premier.... for? you may ask... well Rob Etes is in it (i know i spelled that wrong). Lori Loughlin is in it. Jeanie Garth was in it. And score Shannon Dorerty. Annie is annoying. Undecided about Dixon. Blond girl sucks. Erin Sliver aka Silver, is kinda cool, i enjoy her. Focused 'hottie' zack/eric/something-or-other is sadly aimed to be paired up with 'haven't got a clue Annie' I feel sorry for him.

within say 10 mins they had already shown a blow job.... cheating on ones bf/gf, half the cast apparently has drinking problems, drugs, drugs, and more drugs.... Most of the main character have nothing in common, and by main I refer to the "cliche" of students.... in short there isn't one. Nor to I see any ties within the section of studnets either. Dixon adopted son/brother is black, and his biggest concern was the new ppl and having to tell them over and over that he was adopted. You were adopted? So what? A family is a family, it's not defined by blood, nor should it ever be. BTW Annie, Dixon's sister, in ep 2 is seen so upset about breaking up with her bf back in Kanas, and the next thing you know she's falling all over some guy named Ty. Not Ethan, 'her guy' but Ty... yeah... whore much?

But i did get to see Kelly and Brenda for a short period of time hanging out a 'The Pit' and yes Nat was there! ^^ Of course it doesn't look the same at all...