September 13th, 2008

sleepy ash

Vector - Macross Frontier

Okay while I wait for Kai to come on IRC so I can d/l GG's MF 23 within 30 mins instead of all day via torrent....

I present my babies!!!

And the Wallpaper!

I've tweaked that PNG at least 5 times since announcing it to myself as being done. >.< It was highly annoying, but the outcome is lovely.
Freedom is yours to use the PNG, but credit would be lovely.

As always the wallpaper will be posted on my DA account so feel free to fav it.

Brera Cute!

messing with my layout

I know tiling (tile plus ing) an image for a background that doesn't match up is a no-no, but I like the image, so I'm using it.

Blue. It's very blue, and adorable and squeezable, and definitely cryable.

I have MAJOR worry for the end of Macross but until then, i will enjoy this layout.

Still tweaking some stuffs. But other then that it's good to go.