September 16th, 2008

sleepy ash

one day... i'll be caught up

i watched 15 eps of D.Gray-man today. Now i'm on ep 67. Really the goal is to catch up. But finding the time to do so is another.

House season... 5? are we on 5 now? wow. *shock* ep 1. Don't ask me what happened really. DOn't ask me about the main patient. I know nothing. I mean it was on, and i was listening, i think, but it didn't keep my attention at all. MAJOR FAIL. But season 4 was FAIL. It may be time to leave House behind.

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Fringe. This show is LOVE. I LOVE the perfect mix of this and that, and the unknown, and things right under your nose, if you bothered to notice, or keep an open mind about. Also the Eye scene was interesting. Expect great things, but also expect FOX to can it. That's what they do right?