September 18th, 2008

sleepy ash

have you ever been in enough pain

that even sleeping and not moving your arm/shoulder hurts?
That is me right now. For about a week, and counting.

Well that aside, seriously no point dwelling on something unavoidable. I mean sure it hurts to move it. It hurts to try to reach things above my head. It hurts to just have it lay flat while my right side tries to do everything possible with just one arm.... and it hurts like HELL when i have to use it, but it's not like my job lets me not left shit. I was not only doing the 2 stock rooms today, i was also unloading flat carts. @_@ Had to take a gravol this morning... seriously due to the pain it was making me feel sck. Only took one asprin today, and tried to slwo down on the stock unpacking today, but it's hard to do so. Though they have hired 3 new EMC, and one is fr Housewares, so I HOPE TO HELL this one works out.

Cuz CHRISTMAS is upon us! We are setting up the Christmas shop next week, and i'm starting to get candles, and towel already.

Smallville well... yeah Oliver! And he's on the title, can only mean good things.
Supernatural. I love you, Dean..... but-- yeah, okay this angle totally works for him, it's perfect. ^^ (yes typing with the left also hurts)

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Scanned the cover of Kaili Sorano's Artbook..
Isn't it pretty?
4.85 MB

oh also MF 24..... hmmm.... what will 25 bring us?

see what i just did there? talked about me, and then threw a scan at you, to redirection attention to my fandoms. Yay me!