September 23rd, 2008

sleepy ash

scratch off 2 more

I finished watch Majin Tanei finally. Yes i know SO SLOW!
(seemingly haveing awesome typing issues right right)

Also watched up to 13 of Part 1 of Vampire Knight

So that's good for October 6th.

Still need to finish up Personal... i think it ended.. i really have no clue.

Tonight is Fringe night!
Also House is on, but I don't hold many hopes for a great event. It may just end up being a 'don't fall asleep or you'll miss Fringe' kind of thing, which would truly SUCK.

Thoughts go out to those affected by the latest school related shooting.
sleepy ash

Vi! Vi! Vi! It's Vi!

Seriously, I thought she was to be in ep 1 of House, and i had just not noticed her because it was THAT boring. But here she is. And as the Main case. She's as high classed as Glory now.

Other BtVS alumi include: Andrew and Warren. thank you very much.
sleepy ash

Fringe is luv

10 Reasons to watch FOX's best new the best show of the season:

1. Shorter commerical Breaks. Seriously. I recorded 50mins worth of show. Meaning 7 mins of commericals, not including the last break before the end credits. Also it started late, by 1 min.
2. You have no idea what is gonna happen next
3. It's new and fresh
4. Joshua Jackson
5. An crazy insane person who is allowed to do medical proceedures on living ppl
6. Jean, she's a cow... SERIOUSLY. They have a cow. A real COW.  Very similar to a human, only thing better than having a cow is a human, unless you want milk...
7. The enemy, is also part of the team
8. "The pattern" is something a understand nothing about, and this makes me wanna watch every week and...
9. Joshua Jackson, has a nice figure... he's not "block-like" yet, which is good news.... You know what i'm talking about just admit it.
10. did i mention shorter commerical breaks? 60sec & 90sec ones. JOYOUS!!!

Watched D.Gray-man 102 RAW. Noes! just 1 more left! It's so sad!