October 4th, 2008

sleepy ash

4 to keep so far

so yeah.. i've seen 4 new shows so far, and i want to keep them all. This is gonna hurt later, i just know it.

They are: Kuroshitsuji, CLANNAD, Abyss & Linebarrels.

Linebarrels.. FukuJun as saved. Cuz the equalivate to Sugar (english VA for Rini on SM) is in Linebarrels, man oh man that voice could kill people.

Abyss - dude! it's fantasy! I must keep it! *sucker for all things fantasy*

CLANNAD - Yuusuke, Midorikawa. yes please do continue to build on these character relations with Tomoya. They are needed later. ^^

Kuroshitsuji..... this one is absolute love! A must watch! Sebastian /nuff said.