October 24th, 2008

sleepy ash

Canada Post

I was here all day yesterday with the phone, since I KNEW via the onluine tracking that they were gonna deliver something. And they never called up. At 12:45pm i go down and check the box, and there's 2 notices in there. 2!!! And they don't call up? Assholes.

So in 15mins i'll heading out into the 7c cloudy, could rain any moment outsideness, to walk 2-3 blocks to the Shoppers to pick up said packages. >.<
I know what one is, it's a shirt of off ebay, but the other.... I'll report about when i get back.

Also this morning circa 10am, the phone rings, and it says Transglobe, which is downstairs. I answer, say Hello, and they hung up! I'll check the box before i head out to see if there's another notice? If so i'll maybe wait till tomorrow to head to the post office. It's about a 30min walk there and back. Not a walk i do too often, and to top it off.... there's no sidewalk on this side so i have to attempt to cross with theendless traffic here. -_-