November 27th, 2008

sleepy ash

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Fans can start voting on voice actors/actresses on English site on Saturday .


"The committee hopes to expand the fandom of Japanese anime overseas and reach out to foreign anime and seiyū fans."

Too late. Too too late. I've been voting since the first year....
Anyways the english site will launch nov 29... which is like... very soon... so we can vote more easily. ^^
The link.

EDIT: Totally Captivated.... i cannot explain why i love this manwha sooooooooo much!
Just read another english ch... awwww.....

I work tomorrow. boo!

sleepy ash

Hell Week Starts...

this Sunday.

So the schedule for next week was up today and.. my god... someone hates me.

I work tomorrow Friday - 8am-12pm
saturday - off (thank gawd)
Sunday (yes there goes my weekend of shopping >.<) 10am-4pm of tiding up after the customers... for 6 hrs... you have no idea how annying it is. and boring.
Monday - 9am - 1pm (aka sitting in the food court til 8:45ish - so about 1 hr)
Tuesday - 8am-1pm (on, yes, no truck day)
Wednesday - off (yes we get a truck this day)
Thursday - 9am - 1pm (see monday)
Friday - off, but I has an x-mas party ($10 secret Santa and mexican food... mexican resturant... hmmm.... i don't really like much mexican food, and i wanted to have a few drinks.. but work....)
Saturday - 10am-4pm (see Sunday)
Next Sunday the 7th of dec - 2nd x-mas party ($10-15 secret santa gift; $20 for the buffet)
Nexted Monday (i'll assume i'll be working)