November 30th, 2008

sleepy ash


The hell week....well really... last week i did work... mon, wed, thurs, friday.... today (sunday), mon, wed, thurs, fri-party, sat, sun-party..... and i wonder why i'm so tired and my foot hurts like hell, but it's better with the ankle brace. Yes! Peoples! my entire left sided is royally screwed. Bad shoulder, the knee occassionally acts up.... the wrist....  the ear is an annoyance too... but the eye  is currently fine.. though it was the eye poked with the pointy plastic corner of a converter package....

So i yesterday night, Saturday didn't  even touch the computer, it was on, but i wasn't on it. Same today after work, just reallly didn't feel like it... isn't that odd?

almost bedtime too i think. XD

I didn't get my xmas cards done... and-- and-- well a certain "object" for sou-chan... i could not for the life of me get it into one of those bubble envolopes, and it was a sight to see me try to.

What else didn't i do? hmmm.... haven't been keeping up with LJ very well. Fell super behind on "thank yous" on DA... like it's in the 100s.
I need to finish a Sebastian vector for AnimeLondon.... was so totally gonna do a weird collage from ep 8 of G00.... and that Seb/Alle thing well... maybe next week? rivenuchiwa is my new BFF on DA... just faved 6 of my vector wals.... so that's just one thank you.... most of them are repeat favers... which means i have to look and see if i thanked them before, before thanking them. XD it's this whole big thanking thing... XD

aw just thinking about it, makes me tired. Only 20 days behind on that. XD And normally a year could have passed and nothing.. no faves, but since doing them vectors... EXPLODE!!!

"Overall, her deviations received 147 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 218 times, while she commented 302 times, making about 0.2 comments per day since she joined DA. This means that she gave 21 comments for every 10 that she received.

Her deviation with the most comments is Trick or Sebastian? with 22 comments, while her most favourited one is Shhh Sebastian, with 56 favourites. Her most viewed deviation is Trick or Sebastian? with 736 views."

It's all about Sebastian baby... or so it would seem... yes? lol..

I gots a new skirt on Saturday for maybe both xmas work pasrties.... we'll see how Friday goes, and then maybe sport it on sunday too... but it depends on my foot with the boots i opaln to wear... can't wear the brace with the boots. Got 4 pairs of over the knee socks.. i'm sure something will work out. But i'm so totally wearing a t-shirt with the skirt.. i'm that "punk" I'd where my running shoes... but i'm sure my mom wouldn't let me. XD

was in the break room.. for well my break and CP24 was on and they were talking about a multiple stabbing in Oshawa of all places... i mean sure here in London, but Oshawa? I mean i never hear about Oshawa with stabbings and such. I wanted to go there over the summer, but that never happened. Maybe next year. I bet it's so different since i was last there. But it would also be nice to go to Barrie...

ah well i guess i could sit here and type more crap but why? i'm jusdt rambling on now. I'm also typing worse and sworse as i go a long too. Having bad a spacing issues, just keep hitting the spacebar at the wrong time, if i'm not completely paying attention.

bai bai

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