December 23rd, 2008

sleepy ash


Yes Asia finally shipped my DGM OST 3.... a week later.... *blank stares*
They also shipped email wise a good 9-10 hrs earlier Sebastian's single with was actually released this week.

Hope to get Raven's single (with any luck at all) either today or tomorrow aka before Christmas... Please.. please... please!

and since i forgot to post this this morning at 7:32am.... i'll do so now... and no.. Raven didn't arrive today. :/
sleepy ash

Hobby Link Japan

just yesterday (or the day before, can't keep track) they requested payment for "Gundam 00 MS & Character Selection Mission 003: 1Box (15pcs)"

and now my "HGIF Macross F Characters: 1B 6pcs x2" are in and ready for shipment! (just paid for that one too)
I better get at least 2 Breras... a couple Altos would be nice.. Ranka too... less and less and none prefered of Sheryl... but...
Pre-ordered a couple boxes of the 2nd set of the HGIF figures... since well Michael!

6.5 hrs on the day before christmas eve at a retail store was awful...