January 24th, 2009

sleepy ash

... ?

Spoilers? I'll speak in code, and babble.. no one unless seen it, will understand.

Is this the stuff that entertains North American, and then some audiences?
I just watched a guy brush his teeth for like 2mins. How is that important to the show?
Not to mention the urge to claw my eyes out at the end. 8 episodes left, will i make it?
Give me more CKR, and will we see. But for the life of me no more Naked Ugly-Man!
(no shirt... *shudders*)
GAH! the visual just popped back in!

hmm... for those of you watching Supernatural, and watching the English dub of Gundam 00, "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" had Alex Z. in it. He voices Lockon. If i hadn't of been checking out Young Charlie on imdb.com i wouldn't have realized it was him. Complete 180 from his Jeremaih character...  Young Charlie was Lucas in a few eps of House this season. Also he's the son of the guy playing older Charlie... weird, huh? XD

It's almost 4am.. why are you still up?
Who's up? I'm just here... i think i'm asleep... my brain is.
I has to safe my vids. Transfering all night, since 7pmish... Almost done... well not really, but ima gonna have to laying down soon.
So drained.
8 mins until it's right for the next batch to transfer....
That's right J: drive Sebastian... is starting to seriously fail on me, so Nu Volume Drive N:, soon to be named Brera is in Save the files! mode.
And i'm in ZombieDeathSleep mode....

if i type here long enough it will be 4am.... like 3mins...

urgh... those Sheep Counting tracks keep wanting to come on... z_z