February 18th, 2009

sleepy ash


It's a mail week, i swear.

Got my Tru Calling complete Series today.
Also got my G00 2 voice i-dolls.

I've open 5 of the 10, and have one of each so far.
So that means i have extras!

I'll tell you all who they are after i open them.

Tieria & Allelujah are like a set. i swear!
sleepy ash

Post um... 4..? XD

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I have one of each of the boys.

1 - Setsuna - Miyano Mamoru
1 - Lockon - Miki Shinichiro
1 - Graham (masked) - Nakamura Yuichi
1 - Tieria - Kamiya Hiroshi
1 - Allelujah - Yoshino Hiroyuki

$12 each + shipping & packaging.(shipping will vary depending on where you live XD)
CAD (Canadian Dollar)