March 5th, 2009

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The CW has oddly so, renewed Smallville for a ninth season.  I mean what the hell? I'm not really getting through this season w/o Lex, let alone another one?

Also Supernatural, for what i will assume will be it's 5th and final season, as the plan is for 5 seasons. What this "Plan" holds is anybodies guess, but if you just want to complain about "the vision" STFU and get away from me, i do not want to hear endless bitching. You don't like it? Then stop watch, kay? thanks. article.

My only question is.. as i stare at's page for Supernatural.... Why does it say the next ep isn't until march 12th? Hell WTF?
Are they not new tonite? I mean SPACE has been advertizing a new SPN for Friday, so i ask WTF?

I can't fraking watch it on Friday! Friday's so packed! 8 - Ghost Whisperer; 9 - Dollhouse (i cannot skip this not even for SPN. That's a negative.), 10 - BSG; 12 - flashpoint (because it's also on at 9 pm)

EDIT: @#!$%#%!!! i just read a spoiler on, which is noramlly safe to view..... >.<

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3rd annual seiyuu awards

Best Lead Actor Award - Kamiya Hiroshi
Best Lead Actress Award - Kugimiya Rie

Best Supporting Actor Awards - Inoue Kazuhiko & Sugita Tomokazu
Best Supporting Actress Awards - Endo Aya & Sawashiro Miyuki

Best New Actor Awards - Okamoto Nobuhiko & Kaji Yuuki
Best New Actress Awards - Asumi Kana & Tomatsu Haruka

Best Singing Award - Nakajima Megumi

Best Personality Award - Fukuyama Jun

Too bad i don't see You-kyan up there for my MF fetish....
and OMG Sugita was Leon in MF? ... >.>''' I'll just think of him as raven...

New peoples are who? o.O
Okamoto Nobuhiko is Gau in Nabari...
Kaji Yuuki is Finny in Kuroshitsuji.. which would be why the name is sorta familiar....
Asumi Kana - Megumi in Persona -Trinity Soul-
Tomatsu Haruka is in G00.... as....  Mileina.... i can't remember who this is lol

Sawashiro Miyuki - Ghost Hunt - Kuroda; Jun - Natsume; Jun - Persona....