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dark-alone [userpic]

i think i have a thing for Freddie Highmore movies....

March 19th, 2009 (10:46 pm)
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I just seem to really enjoy them... which is just odd.

I keep catching August Rush on the TMN chans. And since i have this fasicanation with music thanks to anime, i really really enjoy it. Did i mention it's snowing out side? Jonathan Rhys Meyers is also in it... Goremangast... Gor...? Gormenghast.. i was close. He was Steerpike. What a twisted mini-series movie... Mark Mancina does the music for this OST.. yes, the Blood+ composer (w Hans Zimmer in that case)

I also own the following Freddie movies: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Finding Neverland, Spiderwick Chronicles (plays twins in that one)

Of course Finding Neverland and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory also have Johnny Depp in them. And NO i'm not one of those sudden fans of Depp since PotC. I so pre-date those losers.

ooooo Supernatural came on.... and this post will sloowwwllly be finished now. Start time: 8:47pm; End sometime after 10pm XD

and omg SPN was all @_@ and !!! and-- and-- and--

spoilers? yes.Collapse )

I don't read spoilers for this show. I never have. It's not that i don't read them, i do. Smallville, House, Buffy, i've read them, but I don't want to know about SPN. I want to be surprised as much as possible. It's my type of show. Sure it's similar to Buffy, but with Buffy, there's Joss, and nothing is as it seems with him. Dollhouse.. no plans to read spoilers. It's that great.

Battlestar the Frakin End is tomorrow at 9pm for 2hrs.... so 12am for Dollhouse. @_@

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