April 1st, 2009

sleepy ash

Andy Hallett 1975-2009

Andy Hallett died at age 33, late Sunday night after a 'five-year battle with heart disease.'

being the BtVS fan that I am, and last season of Angel due to James Marsters joining the cast, I know who he is. Hallett played Lorne or "The Host" from season 2 to the end. The green skinned horned demon who ran a Karoke club.

None the less, way too young.


sopme links, but really google him.
E! Online.
Ain't It Cool News.

You-kyan cute!

BASQUASH! Day Tomorrow!

I d/led the Legend of BASQAUSH! special today... and made a few clips for fun...

Shimono Hiro & Itou Shizuka (Dan & Sela) Appear in this clip. Other seiyuu are mentioned, for example You-kyan. Endo Aya is doing the narrator voice over btw.

You-kyan says something in this clip, i believe.... (This is the end of the special)


1052 screencaps... yeah... i know....