April 27th, 2009

sleepy ash

okay weekend this and that

Firstly... Saturday afternoon the sky's grew dark... the winds picked up even more, and there was cat toys on the balcony and a couple other flight risks. So I went out keeping Sebastian inside... well balcony = sliding door, which normally is hard to close.... but i guess (uugh need ice i'll type with one hand now) the wind decided to aid me in closing the door enough that Sebastian couldn't get through. And well..

^-- figure that out XD

Anyways.. pain... bump.. and then bruise... @_@

Pre-storm, I was up at 7am... @ podcamp by 8:30am... confused about what to do... forgot my url... -_-
But had fun... was a bit tight... in locations... Pupperty... i love puppets...

sleepy ash


 I guess this is the same as admiting I listen to BackStreetBoys? 
I don't listen to BSB anymore tho....

Break the Records -by you & for you- <-- their new album.
Just got it, and listening to it now.
I've heard RESCUE already, from a single. Enjoyed it muchly.

You can grab this album from bestfiction . It's a good comunity for music.

KAT-TUN @ wiki

Kamenashi Kazuya (born February 23, 1986)
Akanishi Jin (born July 4, 1984)
Taguchi Junnosuke (born November 29, 1985)
Tanaka Koki (born November 5, 1985)
Ueda Tatsuya  (born October 4, 1983)
Nakamaru Yuichi (born September 4, 1983)